Mara Childs | Product Designer

I'm Mara.

I'm a curious optimist currently designing product at Possible Finance. I like stripes, sunshine, and asking why.

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Recent writing

Calibration, growing pains, and saying “good morning”

I’m moving off of Tiny Letter, and sending the “hello, I wrote a new thing” email update through Revue now. So that’s new, and we’ll see…

October 20, 20197 min read

Playing the long game, notes on hiring, and our Series A

As always, if you’d like to get an email when I write a new thing, click here ! “Today never feels like it will be history, but it will…

June 30, 20198 min read

The value of creativity, designing our lives, and more

I started writing end-of-quarter life reports when I was a fledgling business school hopeful at UW. In fact, my first one was exactly three…

March 23, 20195 min read

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Selected work


Mara Wears Stripes

A study in soft human data


Sense and Sensibility

Exploring human consciousness


Billboard Hot 100s

The evolution of popular music