Launching portfolio v4 again

February 10, 2019

Why am I relaunching my new new website less than a week after its initial launch? I wanted to do more. I had initially scoped my new portfolio and blog as a WordPress with some initial custom code, but decided to go all in on learning gatsby.js. So, my little chili babies, like they say in Mamma Mia, here we go again.

With love, from Mara

Don’t worry, I’ve included my original initializing blog post below:

It’s all Idiosyncratic

Quite often, I’m fortunate enough to find a project that piques my interest. Today, I’m excited to launch a new personal website that includes a blog called Idiosyncratic.

In September of 2017, I picked up my life in Seattle and moved across the Atlantic ocean—finding a home in Glasgow, Scotland, of all places. Following a complete transfer from my studies at the University of Washington to the Glasgow School of Art, I began a simple blog (yes, it’s still live.

Lately, I have had a lot of new things going on—both personally and professionally—and of course, a slew of miscellany of familiar features, too. Having been out of school for just over eight months now, I’m finding that I end up with a lot of new thoughts related to my new professional exploits as well as personal adventures. This gets me incredibly fascinated by others’ experiences as well, and the best word I can think of for that kind of appreciation became the name of this blog: Idiosyncratic.

For years I’ve been writing medium-long form articles and thought pieces, but have left them strewn around the internet and in the physical domain in a disjointed and atomized fashion. For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been planning and executing this new personal website to serve not only as my online portfolio, but as a portfolio and personal blog hybrid. (More on why I consider having exciting projects lucky in a later article.)

I’m still getting used to a self-hosted website that’s not just plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—my CMS is the trusted WordPress, and I’ve managed to code a basic theme into submission (for now). That being said, if anything doesn’t work or looks a little, well, funky, please bear with me as I chip away at optimizing and combing through every CSS selector and property. (Thanks! And as always, feedback and comments are always welcome and appreciated.)

(Feedback is still welcome; now it’s a totally different stack!)