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Calibration, growing pains, and saying “good morning”

I’m moving off of Tiny Letter, and sending the “hello, I wrote a new thing” email update through Revue now. So that’s new, and we’ll see how it goes. As always, feedback is welcomed with open arms. (Side note: I’ve…

October 20, 20197 min read

Playing the long game, notes on hiring, and our Series A

As always, if you’d like to get an email when I write a new thing, click here ! “Today never feels like it will be history, but it will. And more likely than not, you will look back and realize that you should have…

June 30, 20198 min read

The value of creativity, designing our lives, and more

I started writing end-of-quarter life reports when I was a fledgling business school hopeful at UW. In fact, my first one was exactly three years ago as I was recounting my decision to take Winter 2016 study quarter off…

March 23, 20195 min read

Launching portfolio v4 again

Why am I relaunching my new new website less than a week after its initial launch? I wanted to do more. I had initially scoped my new portfolio and blog as a WordPress with some initial custom code, but decided to go all…

February 10, 20192 min read