Nice to meet you!

Mara Childs | Product Designer

I’m an enthusiastic learner, curious conversationalist, and stripes aficionado. In between crosswords, I'm leveraging an interest in data and ethics in tandem with my degree in interaction design as a fintech product designer. Also a synesthete and optimistic contrarian, I can be found baking molasses gingersnaps, skimboarding on Second Beach, and singing along to my monthly playlists.

I'm presently designing to help improve the financial health of everyday Americans at Possible Finance in sunny, sunny Seattle 😉

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The important things

Everybody can learn something from everybody. Kindness is important. I believe in being present and doing the right thing. Nobody looks stupid when they’re having fun—be bold, transparent, and hold steadfastly to your values. I like to learn as much as I can and see information as inspiration. Above all, be a good fellow human and excellent to one another.

Odds and ends

  • I always sort my M&Ms by color before eating them
  • My favorite letter is lowercase g
  • I’ve had my library card memorized since I was four

Current report

How I made this

My website is coded by hand in Atom with the help of gatsby.js and is hosted on Netlify.